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White Box is a talent and creatively led production and post-production house with an outstanding reputation built upon offering the very best high-end creative services. Over the past years we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with some of the world’s most renowned companies such as Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, Warner, AXN, Disney Channel and PSN.

Our uniquely talented team includes directors, producers, creative writers, designers, editors and sound experts. We provide a full range of services including project management, conceptual design, editing, color grading, creative script writing, motion graphics and all aspects of finishing through to final delivery. We have also the ability to deliver in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Our personal boutique service has accessibility for global reach and the capacity to service clients wherever that production is situated.




  • dreamstimefree_216400

    Giuseppe Collarino

    Creative Director

    Award-winning editor with a sharp eye for cuts and sharper mind for ideas. Never hesitates to bring fresher thoughts.

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    Veronica Salinitro

    Production Coordinator

    A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers, Plato said. That might well be Veronica’s motto.
    She is in charge of clients affairs, working the whole range from face-to-face communication to budgeting.

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    Cesar Haliwa

    Sound Design

    Cesar is quite a player in the sound designing world and an excellent musician himself.
    Has proudly mastered the sound for big names like Discovery, BBC and Telemundo.

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